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Transform Your Workplace

The Transform Your Workplace Podcast covers everything you need to build a great workplace. Industry experts, thought-leaders, HR experts and entrepreneurs join us to discuss big ideas that can transform your organization. Each week we cover a new topic, ranging from HR, communication and culture to business growth, leadership and workplace trends.Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more. 

Dec 6, 2016

Giving back to the community fills us with joy—but there is perhaps something even bigger at play—it often brings people together and engages us deeply. Organizations have a huge opportunity to mobilize their workforce, particularly around the holiday season, to volunteer time as a group for many great causes that exist in our local communities today. But how do employers choose an organization that aligns with their values and beliefs? How do we treat volunteer time for employees—is it paid time or is it not? And what kind of impact can community involvement have on individual employees within a company, as well as that company as a whole? Will it impact the culture in a positive way?

Rhonda Meadows, Senior HR Business Partner at Xenium HR and Founder of non-profit organizations Project Lemonade and Bridge Meadows, joins the podcast to answer many of these questions and to share her own story of recognizing a need and responding with a solution. Don’t miss this timely discussion on the importance of giving back and the difference it can make in your organization and peoples’ lives.


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