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Transform Your Workplace

The Transform Your Workplace Podcast covers everything you need to build a great workplace. Industry experts, thought-leaders, HR experts and entrepreneurs join us to discuss big ideas that can transform your organization. Each week we cover a new topic, ranging from HR, communication and culture to business growth, leadership and workplace trends.Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more. 

May 12, 2023

In this episode, Nicole Blevins and Brandon Laws of Xenium HR dive into ChatGPT and AI and their potential impact on the HR profession. Together, they discuss various applications of the technology in HR, how to optimize its usage through prompt engineering and address potential problems, such as plagiarism, inaccuracies, bias, and non-critical thinking.

In this episode, they cover:

Exploring ChatGPT's use in HR tasks:

    • Crafting job descriptions

    • Composing and updating employee handbooks and policy manuals

    • Drafting e-mails and offer letters to job candidates

    • Checking HR laws and regulations

    • Summarizing research and reports

    • Generating employee surveys and sentiment analyses

    • Streamlining administrative tasks (e.g. event and holiday reminders)

Optimizing ChatGPT's potential through prompt engineering:

    • Techniques to get the most out of AI

    • Strategies for crafting effective prompts to yield desired results

Addressing potential problems with ChatGPT in HR:

    • Plagiarism and sourcing concerns

    • Inaccurate information

    • Bias and ethical considerations

    • Non-critical thinking and reliance on AI-generated content

Join Nicole and Brandon Laws as they explore the exciting potential of ChatGPT in the HR field, while also addressing the challenges and safety implications that come with it. Listen in to gain valuable insights and ensure you're making the most of AI in your HR practices.

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