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Transform Your Workplace

The Transform Your Workplace Podcast covers everything you need to build a great workplace. Industry experts, thought-leaders, HR experts and entrepreneurs join us to discuss big ideas that can transform your organization. Each week we cover a new topic, ranging from HR, communication and culture to business growth, leadership and workplace trends.Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more. 

Dec 16, 2015

Lacey Halpern of Xenium HR joins Brandon Laws on the Human Resources for Small Business podcast to discuss employee assistance programs (EAPs). Lacey shares how employers can leverage an EAP program to retain talent and do right by employees by offering this unique benefit. Lacey also shares common ways employees use...

Dec 9, 2015

Katherine Thomas of Xenium HR joins Brandon Laws for a discussion on emotional intelligence (EQ) in relation to IQ and why people, including employers, should start putting more emphasis on EQ in the workplace. During the episode, Katherine and Brandon discuss what makes up emotional intelligence, how to determine if...

Dec 2, 2015

Wendy Gilbert and Brandon Laws of Xenium HR discuss people with criminal records re-entering into the job market and what it means for employers and society, in general. They also discuss the new Ban-the-Box law in Oregon effective 1/1/16 and what employers should do in response. 

New development specific to Portland,...