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Human Resources for Small Business

The Human Resources for Small Business podcast is the ultimate resource for HR professionals and small business owners. Join Xenium’s Brandon Laws as he chats with guests from all sides of the industry—digging up tips, tools and insights you can apply to your own small business. We’ll dig into a different HR-focused topic each episode—ranging from business strategy and leadership to HR policy, legal updates and more.

Apr 17, 2017

We've all been the new person at a company, trying to get our footing in a new role and within a new industry. It can be a lot to take in, particularly when each company has its own set of acronyms and internal jargon they frequently rely on. "Think out of the box," "I'll ping you," "let's be sure to bake that into the process," "we should avoid any tissue rejection on this specifically," - the list goes on! We're all guilty of it, and we're all likely aware of how confusing it can be for a newcomer. So why do we keep using workplace jargon?

James Sudakow, consultant, speaker, and author of Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit...And Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the Corporate World joins Brandon Laws in a conversation about conversation and what we can all do to clarify our communication.

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