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Human Resources for Small Business

The Human Resources for Small Business podcast is the ultimate resource for HR professionals and small business owners. Join Xenium’s Brandon Laws as he chats with guests from all sides of the industry—digging up tips, tools and insights you can apply to your own small business. We’ll dig into a different HR-focused topic each episode—ranging from business strategy and leadership to HR policy, legal updates and more.

Nov 18, 2016

When people hear the term "millennial," they often associate the generation ranging from ages 18-34 as "entitled," "trophy generation," "me generation," and many more subjective and typically negative terms. But is this an accurate reflection of the generation that is likely to make up 33% of the workforce in just a few...

Nov 4, 2016

How do you help someone who has a track record of high performance as an individual contributor become the next great leader? Tana Thomson, Xenium HR's VP of Human Resources, joins the podcast to discuss how she believes aspiring leaders and high potential employees can develop their leadership skills, and how you as an...