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Transform Your Workplace

The Transform Your Workplace Podcast covers everything you need to build a great workplace. Industry experts, thought-leaders, HR experts and entrepreneurs join us to discuss big ideas that can transform your organization. Each week we cover a new topic, ranging from HR, communication and culture to business growth, leadership and workplace trends.Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more. 

Jan 26, 2024

In this bonus episode, Nicole Blevins discusses the concept of "catfishing" employers who misrepresent jobs and company culture to candidates during the hiring process. This leads to disappointment and distrust when the reality doesn't match up. She shares a personal anecdote of friends calling her about mismatching expectations and work conditions. The key takeaways are: employers should accurately portray roles and culture to align candidate expectations, provide transparent communication, and focus on improving internal culture and employer branding consistency.



  • Employers sometimes "catfish" candidates by misrepresenting jobs and culture during hiring. This leads to disappointment when reality doesn't match up.
  • Transparent communication and accurately portraying roles and culture is key to setting proper candidate expectations.
  • Employers should focus first on improving internal culture consistency before external employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts.


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