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Transform Your Workplace

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Sep 24, 2019

We are not built the same when it comes to receiving feedback in the workplace. What might seem as open and direct to one person can seem completely harsh and really sharp to another.

Feedback can sometimes break or make someone. How you deliver it matters greatly. When done in the right way it can be the most effective means of communication and performance for you and your organization.

Join me today as we redefine what feedback is with M. Tamra Chandler and Laura Dowling Grealish, the authors of the book Feedback and Other Dirty Words - Why We Fear It, How to Fix It.

In this episode, Tamra and Laura explain how feedback got such a negative connotation. They share how we can minimize the bad emotional and physical reactions that destroy trust and halts communication. They also offered helpful solutions, suggestions, as well as new definitions to create a better framework for feedback.

We can’t totally get rid of no feedback but we can always redefine it!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Why feedback is such a huge component to the growth of a business, its people, and organizations
  • The problem with the way feedback is being portrayed right now
  • Re-imagining feedback as a fluid ongoing conversation, free of angst and judgment
  • The 5:1 ratio 
  • Actionable suggestions to improve feedback
  • Tamra and Laura’s take on Carol Sandford’s ‘No More Feedback’ book
  • The fine art of noticing
  • Short feedback and long reflections
  • The ‘Shit Sandwich’ method of giving feedback and why it’s not advisable to resort to it
  • How to get better at feedback?



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More about Tamra & Laura:

Tamra is the CEO and co-founder of PeopleFirm, a talent management and organizational performance consultancy that has earned consistent recognition as a top place to work. She has been named twice as one of the top 25 consultants in the US by Consulting magazine.

Laura is a management consultant at PeopleFirm and was a previous Director of Consulting Services at Orion Advisor Services. She has deep experience in designing high-performance teams and has over 20 years of leadership experience under her belt when it comes to helping clients create strategic alignment, talent management, performance management, succession and leadership development programs.

Connect with Tamra & Laura:

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