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Transform Your Workplace

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Aug 14, 2017

Next Level Leadership course
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Brandon: Hey, Brandon here, and welcome to a special edition of the HR for Small Business podcast. We have a special announcement today. We’re rolling out, for the first time ever, a web-based course on’s platform called “Next Level Leadership.” And I have Suzi Alligood with me, who is the creator of the content to discuss the course.

Suzi, why did we build the course?

Suzi: We have a workshop that we facilitated for years at Xenium called “Leadership Essentials” and it happens to be one of our highest attended sessions. We wanted to convert that content into an e-learning format—not only because we want to reach more people—but also we have current clients who have employees out of our local area and we wanted them to achieve the same benefits as our live workshop while remaining at their own location.

So we decided to leverage’s platform, and modify our live workshop to be a great user experience on an e-learning platform.

Brandon: What can people expect in this course?  

Suzi: It is a self-guided course, and it is very comprehensive. It might take the average student two hours to complete the course—but they can complete it at their own pace. It incorporates a couple different mediums, including video and video discussion between leader—where we leveraged some of our subject matter experts and actual senior leaders at Xenium to participate in discussion. Also, we have quizzes and self-guided activities for each section. The self-guided activities are the most beneficial, in my opinion, because it provides the student the opportunity to take the information that they are learning from the course and apply it in their workplace, and test it out and make improvements and ultimately gain confidence in how they might become a better leader.

Brandon: Who is this course built for?

Suzi: This course is for anyone who is aspiring to be a leader of others or is current a leader of others—particularly new leaders who made the recent shift from individual contributor to leader. Also it’s great for people who have been in a leadership position for some time and want to brush up and hone some of those skills.

Brandon: This is an exciting time for us as we launch this course in August 2017 for $49. Go to to find “Next Level Leadership.”

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